Let the birds bring your day into sharp focus. At Rajakkad breakfast is served in the terraced gardens.

Being at Rajakkad offers a close relationship to the natural environment of the South Indian hill country, with a wonderfully healthy population of animals, birdlife and diverse plant species all to be found in this special area of Tamil Nadu.

Days can be spent relaxing beneath the shade of the garden trees in a hammock, reading and looking for birds or exploring the estate paths, visiting the farm with its animals and coffee drying yard and to the village beyond. The climate of the hill country brings gentle warmth and at this elevation, the air at Rajakkad is refreshing and balanced. Guided excursions are offered; river walks through rocky gorges beneath the tree canopy; over escarpments of craggy pink granite with panoramic views; through coffee plantations and on into the surrounding hills, where waterfalls and isolated swimming pools offer a glimpse of undisturbed peace. Very good picnics can be packed to fully explore the different places that make this world so enchanting.

The surrounding villages, lively and engaging, come to life in the coolness of the late afternoon, jostling with one another in volume and vigor, in the activities of the temple festivals, the elaboration of the marriages and the business of local trade. During the picking season, auctions of coffee, lemon, naratanga, pepper and banana take place.

Rajakkad is a wonderful base to use for excursions both to the hill station Kodaikanal and to the plains with their temple towns. Madurai and Palani are important places of pilgrimage. Day trips can be simply organised, leaving early morning and returning home by evening to the cool and tranquility of Rajakkad.

Rajakkad Estate, C/o Palani Hills Gardens Hotel Pvt Ltd, Perumparai Post, Manjelparappu Branch Office, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu 624212.