At Rajakkad we aspire to cultivate a healthy environment, offering a space for yoga practice. From a welcome half hour stretch to a more developed exploration, this helps to contribute to the general feeling of rest and wellbeing. Our Yoga Platform, perched upon a rocky escarpment, is enclosed by rich planting of palms and looks upon the valley beneath. The morning light greets those who come here. It is a unique place to welcome the day.

Yoga mats and equipment are always available for guests who would like to practice on their own. For groups and teachers who may wish to book the Palace exclusively, please do contact us if this may be of interest.

The Winter Yoga Programme at Rajakkad

Whilst individual practice by guests is very much encouraged, during the winter months we offer the chance for more structured sessions led by a yoga practitioner. This year we welcome Hortario Perez.

Hortario Perez
Hortario was born in 1956 and started practicing yoga in 1974. He studied extensively with Indra Devi in Buenos Aires, BKS Iyengar in Pune, and Patabhi Jois and Sharath Jois in Mysore.  He received authorization from Patabhi Jois to teach Ashtanga Yoga. He has lived in India for over a decade and has wide experience of the country and its culture.

“The Ashtanga (eight-limbs) system is structured in sequences of postures (asanas) where the practitioner focuses on tuning the movement of the body to his/her breath. This practice leads to a quieting of the mind and reduction of stress in the body.

The practice is also developed around working with grounding, the way we anchor the body to the ground; alignment, which is paying attention to settling the body in a way that requires the least possible effort; and core movement, that is all action is led from the Centre of the body. “

Hortario is able to offer yoga sessions suitable for all levels of experience, inclusive of the practice of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), chanting of shanti mantras and meditation.  

Working with Hortario is a unique opportunity to be guided by a highly respected practitioner; each morning will begin with a simple complimentary yoga session.

We recommend that you speak with Hortario to see if a yoga practice is something you wish to explore or to help improve upon your existing techniques.


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